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Friday, April 18th, 2008
5:04 pm - Existence...
...is fantastic.

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Monday, July 16th, 2007
7:17 pm - Woo!
Birthday tomorrow!
Alpha crunch until monday!


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Friday, February 2nd, 2007
12:06 pm - Huh.
Oh, that's right, I have a LiveJournal account.

'sup, ya'll?

Oh, what's been up with me, you ask?
Working, being married, roleplaying, and World of Warcraft.

Random link? rpNotes, our roleplaying Wiki.


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Friday, May 12th, 2006
8:38 am
So! For those who don't know explicitly:
I'm engaged. Come the end of September, and I'll be married!

I've been officially engaged for a few months, and unofficially for a few months before that.

Now you have the real reason why I don't update much :)

current mood: happy

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Monday, March 6th, 2006
9:30 am
I guess I could stand to update this thing too.

...are good.
Haven't been playin' as many as I used to, what with more important and enjoyable things going on.
We started X-Men Legends 2 a while back, but only played one session of that. Then we played a couple sessions of Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles... and now we're knee-deep in City of Heroes, which is even more fun when you're in a group of 7 people, all of whom you know outside of the game.
Oh, and role-playing is still quite enjoyable, although everything has dropped or been put on hold other than our Mutants and Masterminds game. In fact, if you wanna check out any of the notes we've got, they're over here, at the Wiki we made.

...is good.
We finished up our last project at the end of January. The next one is in the works, and in the meantime, all of us are helping out on other stuff in the studio.

...is good.
For those that don't know, I've got a wonderful girlfriend, who I have been dating since the end of September.

And now?
I need to finish getting ready for work, which I should really start going to earlier, so I can leave earlier.

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Friday, December 9th, 2005
8:12 am
Narnia was a fun film.

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Wednesday, December 7th, 2005
9:34 am
Another quiz in response to TigeCollapse )

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Thursday, November 10th, 2005
10:18 am
A moment of entertainment.

Action Hero QuizCollapse )

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Wednesday, October 26th, 2005
3:45 pm
I saw DOOM today around lunch.
I'll give ya'll the same synopsis I gave Rob over AIM:

Not a good movie, but not a horrible movie.
A nice, mostly brainless, sci-fi video-game movie.
Sorta jump-out-at-you at first, and then that wore off... and then there was some action stuff, and explanation of 'plot' items.... and then some first person stuff and a couple fight scenes.

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Monday, October 24th, 2005
8:05 am
Retaliation to Tige.

FOXHOUNDCollapse )

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Friday, October 21st, 2005
2:26 pm
This one's mostly for Brad:

Jonathan Coulton Cover of Baby Got Back.
I don't even know who the heck Jonathan Coulton is... I was linked to it.

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Thursday, September 29th, 2005
7:43 am
Happy Birthday, Lindsey.

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Friday, September 9th, 2005
2:47 pm
I updated my Livejournal icon. How nefarious.

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Sunday, September 4th, 2005
8:39 am
Karaoke Revolution is entertaining. We (Myself, Dan, Shane, Jonah, Chris, Jill) played that until almost 2 in the morning on Friday, after anime night.
And then I couldn't think of what else to say.

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Saturday, August 27th, 2005
3:06 am
Music was pretty good.
That piano guy was impressive.
Optimus Rhyme entertains with lyrical speed, and back-and-forth singing.
The NESkimos were loud and sorta punk, but it was nice regardless.

And now it's 3 in the morning, my legs ache a bit, and I've had way too much caffeine through the course of the day.

Guess I'll draw or something for a bit.

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Monday, August 15th, 2005
10:03 am
Work is obviously entrancing right now, so I'm here to share some excerpts from a chat with Mr. Milligan:

Mr. Milligan: And now, I must needs tend to my mewling, new-born laundry.
Me: Creepy. Go.
Mr. Milligan: I'm imagining the dryer as a womb of sorts.
Mr. Milligan: A quaking, tumultuous, lint-filled womb.
Mr. Milligan: Talk about your birth trauma.
Mr. Milligan: I'm going to go now, before I get any creepier.

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8:03 am
Going to Kentucky was good.
I would've said more sooner, but I spent the last week being under the weather. That's almost completely gone though, so yay!

ManLochs picked up X-Men Legends, so RPeterso and I made the trek up to his place on Saturday and played that until midnight or so. Not quite done with it yet though.

Tonight we're gonna meet for food.
Tomorrow is the Company Picnic.
Wednesday my mom arrives in town to visit me and my brother.

Shane appears to have better tonal control than I, in regards to KR3.

And yeah, hope is awesome. You ain't gettin' more info on that one unless you're specific people.

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Sunday, July 31st, 2005
8:48 pm
I am in Kentucky!
I have read some good comics!
I have eaten roast with potatos and corn/cornbread casserole and bread and gravy and brocolli, and it was good!

I also found a few games on the cheap, which I shall return triumphant with.

And now, since Rob has left to get to work, I shall try playing some games, or drawing, or reading more, or hanging out with his parents.

Also: My back aches. Must work on posture. Right. Sure.

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Sunday, May 22nd, 2005
2:03 pm - Games, MMOs, Computers.
City of Heroes has been getting most of my gaming time as of late. I've been pretty busy at work, so I just plop some time into it and that's what I get done.
Although, yesterday I played some Katamari Damacy to show it to my brother and his wife. Unlocked Eternal 3 by making an 830+ meter one on the final level. Woot.
I'm probably going to cancel my World of Warcraft account soon. Don't really play it with Brad and them, and Rob cancelled his for Guild Wars. Ian started playing it, but I didn't catch him online ever, and haven't tried in a while. I guess Adam and Chris have or are going to start playing it... but it's just not that interesting to me anymore.
Speaking of... Guild Wars is pretty cool. I'd love to drop more time in it, but yeah... work.
Resident Evil 4 is one of my current console titles that I'd like to beat, but once again time. And it's not that I don't have time, it's that I don't have large continuous blocks of time, and that's how I prefer to play most games.

I'll be building a new one soon, under the tutelage of Darth Mightbe. Just gotta find the parts, and go through the trial of aligning the crystal and all. Here's hoping I don't blow it up.

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2:01 pm - Somebody requested an update
Saw Star Wars Episode III.
Was reminded on friday that I don't like talking about relationships with some of my friends.
And I'm at work this weekend.

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